It was 4:15 am and I was woken up by Heuer’s tag on my wrist’s connection module 45 (Modular 45), which buzzed with an alarming sense of urgency. I got up from my bed in the darkness, and reached for my bib and sweatshirt hanging on the back of my chair. A few feet away, the pre-ground coffee last night sat patiently in the water filter and waited for hot water. I have experienced many professional cyclists, but this is something we can share: the beginning of every day is horrendous, the prelude to the privileged double life, to become the most elite extreme minority in this sport. .

A rude wake-up call in the morning, along with persistent hunger, constant fatigue and general malaise, are all signs of cycling life. This is the brand manager of the aforementioned category (essentially the Les Ambassadors of the cycling store). Nate King once knew. Before going to Europe to stage a 2.1 stage game, Kim was ready to do another light test and he invited me.

As a measure of courage and speed, mechanical watches are natural partners of many laws that race against time. Over the years, numerous partnerships have been established between Swiss luxury watch manufacturers and f1, Moto GP, America’s Cup, and many other brands. This has been proven by these companies. However, the connected module 45 marked that Hoyle returned to the professional cycling race and joined Assos in Switzerland, becoming the third pillar of the three Swiss brands and gaining great strength in the professional bicycle peloton: BMC racing team.

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time Hoyle has entered a professional cycling competition. In 1985, 25 years ago, this highly respected Swiss brand teamed up with Sean Kelly and Heuer Skil SEM in the professional cycling competition. Red, white and green The color of the chevron sleeves shines. In the next five seasons, Hughes sponsored the US 7-11 cycling team guided by the young Jim Ochowicz, Formula 1 watches wrapped in colorful glass fibers. Equipped with team stars including Bob Roll, Davis Phinney and Andy Hampsten.

Ochowicz is now at the helm of BMC racing and fans Jean-Claude Biver hosted this game at Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches, so it is time to start a new cooperation. And time will determine the value relationship (the Swiss newspaper Yao Guang has previously hinted that this is the first step in the river’s personal goals tagged as the sponsor’s BMC team in the coming season), BMC team riders, push and wide, TAG Heuer It has been on the podium for a regular all-European and American season so far, which has allowed the surrounding TAG Heuer to be fixed on professional bikes for the foreseeable future.

Today, Tag Heuer Replica Watches is not the first sponsor of the modern cycling race – perhaps the most striking (and notorious) Spanish watch manufacturer, Festina, was the mainstay of the 90s professional cycling race and even sponsored his own Factory team. However, it was this team that eventually dragged its many sponsors from the infamous 1998 exposure event from Grace, in which nine Nine and three team officials were arrested after the police seized the staggering wealth of anabolic steroids, erythroblasts Maker (EPO), and other stimulant product groups. Not surprisingly, since then, Festina has had a long, damaged road to repair, so it withdrew from the sport in 2001 and opened its doors to other watch brands in the professional cycling field.

It is worth mentioning that for so long, the Swatch Group brand Tissot served as the official timekeeper of bicycle racing, “but there is no specific team to amplify these efforts, the sponsorship has been largely limited to the heading banner, graphics on the TV On the report, and various ring France-themed Tissot watches genius stage winner (not entirely unlike ω’s partnership with the Olympics).

All in all, TAG Heuer’s return to the sponsorship of a professional bike team not only clearly supports the sport as a whole, but also shows that its products are designed to complement the many technical advantages available to BMC teams, while enduring the most difficult professional sports events on Earth: the Tour de France .

Now, naturally, it is unfair to say that connecting a modular 45 tour is as essential as technology to install all BMC bikes like a SRM power meter or data-greedy PC8 head unit, but in fact, the BMC rider with connected racing car wins itself The whole season of the wrist seems to indicate that the watch, at least, will not slow down. That’s why I have to look closely at any potential advantages or effects that the watch may offer me – a Cat 3 Road Racing Light Annual Pro, which currently shiver under thick fog covers some of the four earlier than my usual launch hour. Even so, I opened the Strava application and clipped it on the Android connection module 45 and rolled it away.

As a dedicated smartwatch, the networked Modular 45 is a far cry from Formula 3, which is the last wristwatch that Heuer equipped for cyclists. Just like any smart watch, its goal (see our first practice here) is to increase the availability of everyday communications and information in a way that is as seamless as possible – when you need it, When you don’t need it.

Unfortunately, this is a challenge for this size of watch. Its wide 45mm x 58mm frame is large, but thankfully, its 5-stage titanium structure skillfully tilts the balance to only 108 grams (64 grams without a strap), and it has an angular, smooth, satin-like profile. Compared to it, its wrists are much lighter. Impressively, it is almost inconspicuous on a bicycle – especially on rough roads, where a heavier stainless steel watch reacts more violently to constant vibrations.

The hallmark feature of the TAG Heuer connection module 45 is its inherent modularity (producing about 4000 possible case-lug-strap-bezel combinations) – starting with the movable lugs, it can be compatible with a variety of modules 45 Fast switching between straps. This variant of the test, as well as some other configurations of the watch, is equipped with a vulcanized, fully perforated rubber strap, it is easy to adjust, highly breathable, and perfect for hot and sweat riding from the heat.

Equally cool, the convenience of customization and available colors has allowed BMC’s “general classification” competitors, such as Richie Porte, to get a belt that matches the leader’s jersey, regardless of what they are directing. Although Black seems to be the team’s standard configuration, Porter wore a tattered uniform in January and wore an orange team uniform. He also wore a yellow uniform in June.

The 1.39-inch, 400 x 400 AM OLED display with a sapphire crystal on the top is a major upgrade to the 360 ​​x 360 LCD screen, but there are still a lot of unsatisfying places for readability under strong sunlight, and See the use case for the effect of the biggest bump. Despite this, after experimenting with the dial, I discovered the silver bi-compax timer layout, which provided the most things in terms of readability, appearance, and true functionality – one click to start the timer Double-click to reset the timer.

Even so, if you don’t use Wahoo, Garmin, or SRM, you may be confused by what you don’t see at a glance. Another potential problem is the battery life, which should allow most users to use it all day in a single charge. However, the 6-hour GPS operation is not the call sign for “most users” – I found my battery in a 4-hour ride, which required me to tap the power from time to time, about 30%. At least, if you plan to turn it into your daily watch, you can charge the Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches connection module 45 every day.

It’s worth noting that while watching Strava and Spotify’s application enabled me to operate basic functions while keeping my phone in my sweatshirt’s pocket, from the point of view of fitness data, the connected modular 45 is still a replacement for any The mature bicycle computer is a far cry from the others, but this has never really been the key. Serious cyclists may use watches to supplement something that provides heart rate, speed, and energy data, such as the SRM device released by the BMC team. After all, SRM won’t patch phone calls or text messages from loved ones—it’s very useful in long training sessions. However, the real beauty of the Fake TAG Heuer Watches Connected module 45 is that no two use cases will be exactly the same due to its extensively customizable design and compatibility with more than 4,000 Google I/O applications.

If not, Hoyag’s sponsorship of the BMC team will be considered irrelevant. Of course, the watch can provide calendar or text notifications that can be pushed to the entire team in front of or behind the stage, or added encouragement in the middle of the game, but these are not specific to the team bmc use cases – these are just the main purpose of the watch Extensions: Greater connectivity. Unfortunately, if you are an aspiring professional cyclist, starting from 0 a.m. one day, this technical advantage will not make you lighter, faster or more efficient.

Above the dense fog on the top of the Talmapes, it is difficult to say whether the Heuer connected Modular 45 (Modular 45) is the “Formula 1” of the new bicycle racing watch. Just like Formula 1 before, this is no doubt an amazing match with the latest technological advances of modern professional peloton.

However, this smart watch not only lacks the purity of its predecessor designed specifically, but also lacks the touch of a real icon – the BMC team can change this, wearing a yellow sweatshirt during the three-week tour of the French countryside. The Champslysees won a lap.

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