Many Swiss replica watches of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic have a sporty appearance and can be worn almost every day. However, the design of a model in the series caught my eye. This article focuses on Ref.waz2011.ba0843, whose bracelet is made of stainless steel and dark gray ceramic.

The dark gray sun dial of the top replica watch uses luminous index hour markers on all hour markers, except for the luminous Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. The white seconds hand and the second hand divide the track around the circumference of the dial, and a red downward-facing triangle is printed at 12 o’clock, and the inside is white.

The hour and minute hands use polished steel and are full of brilliance in dark materials. The other end of the second hand has a red pen tip and a TAG Heuer replica watches icon as a counterweight. At the three o’clock position, there is a date window with a white rectangular outline. You can use the winding crown to set the date function in the same way as setting the time of day.

This cheap replica watch can provide enough water resistance for some snorkeling, but nothing more. There is a recessed red strap in the center of the stainless steel crown, and a groove is designed in its shape to make it easy to grasp when winding the luxury replica watch. The radially brushed steel gray ceramic bezel is engraved with diving scale and marking icons at the beginning of the unidirectional rotating bezel.

One of the most beautiful but subtle aesthetic features of this model is the finish and material combination on the bracelet. The outer link is made of brushed stainless steel, and the dark gray ceramic inner link is made of polished steel cover. The combination of two materials and finishing produces a very delicate contrast. The bracelet first is an 8-inch wrist, and is equipped with a button adjustable unfolding buckle with the TAG Heuer replica watch wordmark.