In the traditional sense, the 55th anniversary is not a celebration in the traditional sense, but this did not stop Howard from using it to commemorate the 20th century sports watch and the most important collection in the history of the brand: Carrera. But don’t worry too much about the significance of the Anniversary, because this tag is the chronograph of the Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Wayches Carrera Calibre 16 is definitely a noteworthy version and one of our favorite sports watches so far.

Now, let’s put all the usual clichés out, because there are many such cliches on the 55th anniversary of Carrera. Things like “The picture doesn’t do justice” are “smaller than the specification,” while the classic “fist is heavier than its weight.” Everything is fine here. Especially the latter, many of TAG Heuer Replica Watches modern cases have shown cool texture, slope and contrast, which are uncommon in price and are always the most popular. All this was done at a slightly more subtle level than the more confident Cal. 16 Carrera /Date, it is not only much bigger because of its 43mm specification, but also too busy for many people’s preferences.

Then the size – 41mm, its relatively short lug-to-lug size and slim silhouette are the traditional Autavia we hope to be in 2017. Finally, although the price will always be subjective as controversial, $ 4350 allows you to get all the exterior decorations, but still $ 1,000 less than the previously mentioned Autavia, which is equipped with an in-house manufactured Heuer 01 chronograph. movement. Calibre 16 may not have the same internal tags, but it has long been proven to be a very successful 7750 clone, so that’s it.

At the time of the 55th anniversary of Best Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watches, wearing matt blue or black, with a contrasting white patch, a beige glow index, or a red or orange colour, broke the “three-color” rule but was disappointing. Yes, after all, the rules are doomed to be broken, right? It just works here – just like the traditional timepiece of the Tudor era in 2013. This is an undeniable charm, but it has to be on the wrist. Much more comfortable. This watch is custom-made with a chocolate brown Balena leather strap, or a lighter one – like a caramel-colored nubuck, with a spliced ​​hue.

The end result is a young, though highly wearable sports watch, but it does not strictly adhere to the code of its original material, which makes it with the busy, ultra-modern Cal of the 16 Carrera currently being offered. sharp contrast. This is also a good compromise between last year’s Autavia, which ultimately made people feel a bit awake because it led to a more serious retro aesthetic. But the modern Aquaracer’s collection with a wide range of attractions and the attendant rapid growth, gambled on this anniversary of Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Cal. 16th version as a potential branch will be a good one.

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