When the tag of the Heuer- 02t Tourbillon was officially released at the beginning of last year, the news that caught the most attention around this release was not the future potential of its interesting modular design, nor was it It will be equipped with cosc-certified Tourbillon movements, but at a price of $15,950. Of course, this is not a small number of changes anyway, but in the thin air of high-end routes made in Switzerland, by contrast, this is a cheap transaction, and in fact it is the most Affordable way. One year, the market also seems to retaliate with the same pricing strategy that is Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches set to celebrate its 1000-finish COSC-certified Tobal Revolute body through auction through a special sports suit including a Carrera Heuer-02T Temblor rotation mechanism, The recently released second-generation Swiss-made modular smartwatch connection.

The Tag Heuer Replica connection smartwatch in the digital domain, on the Heuer-02T portable high-end horological studies held by the Tobyl rotation mechanism, to complete the 1000th Tbilisi rotation mechanism movement was seen as a milestone because of its main representative TAG Heuer’s goal of reorienting itself is only to watch as a spectrum of “gateway luxury” ends of the spectrum. Under the leadership of CEO Jean-Claude Biver, the brand has shown a commendable momentum shift over the past year, which may also be a bigger milestone to be celebrated here. .

But more specifically, the Fake TAG Heuer Watches -02 t sport itself is a big problem, because it is entirely designed and developed by TAG Heuer Replica Watches, and its goal is to achieve the accuracy and reliability of time meter specifications, just like Like the flywheel, it is still below a certain price point. Although its relatively simple decoration does not have the kind of super-luxury treatment we see in its class, its hidden carbon and titanium aesthetics work well with the enamel dial and the appearance of an all-black case. Except for the exhibition case proudly displaying “1000th unit” on the watch, this limited edition version is otherwise identical to the standard version.

This watch is equipped with the Swiss-made new connection module smart watch, another goal of this modern Carrera watch is to adopt a modular design, through the replacement of accessories on the new 45mm case, to achieve a high degree of personalization. If you remember, the networked modular smartwatch and Carrera heur – 02t all have the same situation, so switching between tourbillon and its digital companion should be simple on the same strap system. Taking into account Heuer’s investment risk label launched in 2002, its initial proposal that the bets are being rewarded seems to be justified enough to be celebrated – and there is even more reason to cheer for a great career.

At the time of writing this article, the auction was sold on eBay for $20,000 and is currently scheduled to close on March 24, 2017. All proceeds from this unique sales method will be donated to the Swiss Wishing Foundation, which brings joy, hope and courage to children who are at risk.

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