Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches will carry out a retro re-release this year, and this new brand named Baselworld, TAG Heuer Monza, is likely to fascinate fans. The high heels Autavia Cup fans will vote for their favorite antique TAG Heuer Autavia reprint, we see the release of the most popular TAG Heuer Monza, originally designed in 1976 Jack Hoya to commemorate Niki Lauda’s first world championship Ferrari World Champion title. With only a few minor updates and the overall style consistent with the original, the TAG Heuer Replica Monza Astronomical Clock re-released how to make a re-release should be with the spirit of its predecessor.

The history of Monza: The Monza was originally introduced in the 1930s and has only appeared after decades of continuous renewal. In the photo gallery at the end of this article, there are some pictures of the notable historical models, but the reprint of this issue is to revive the all-black version seen from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. The familiar black cushioned case, pulse pressure meter (measured heart rate), tachometer, and red touch throughout, balanced with a beige chronograph pen, making it one of the coolest chronograph watches.

So, what’s new? The first is the automatic caliber 17 movement, used in many modern TAG Heuer Replica Watches. They also replaced the old steel casing with a lighter grade 5 titanium and then coated with titanium carbide to create a black look. They also adjusted the size of the case according to the preferences of modern people, increasing the 39mm case to 42mm and moving the crown to the right side of the case. A red lacquered Heuer logo is also engraved on the back of the box. In addition to these changes, they did not make any changes to the original well. I think that re-release effectively proves the fact that sometimes the best thing you can do is to restrain yourself and know when to put “updates” on your desktop.

Although we have to wait to see which TAG Heuer Autavia’s new model will be re-released in 2017, this Monza series will definitely arouse the buyer’s interest, they want the original retro style, and Some updates will be made based on today’s tastes. To a certain extent, Fake TAG Heuer Watches is making a full-scale attempt by attracting young Swiss watch buyers, attracting buyers interested in high-end smart watches, and now enthusiasts of the brand’s antique watches. We can’t wait to see this watch in person and see how it looks and feels on the wrist. The price of the re-issued Heuer Monza watch is 4,900 Swiss francs.

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