Frankly, I never noticed Buffford’s black Fake TAG Heuer Watch. We all choose irrational dogmas in this world. Some people cannot tolerate the date window (in principle), some people cannot tolerate anything more than 38mm (in principle), some cannot tolerate non-internal movements, and so on. I can’t tolerate the so-called “Moddle Watch”. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the cabinet manager in my closet, but I don’t like to use finished watches as a starting point for important cosmetic changes. I will not tell anyone how to handle their own watches, but this does not stop me from regretting it privately. But this time, you may say that this is a different color horse.

In October last year, we heard some interesting news that Bamford has become an authorized custom partner of Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches. This was announced shortly after Zenith announced that Bamford was its official custom partner.

To a certain extent, this relationship seems to make the whole thing more reasonable (as I said, this is irrational; in the cooperative model, the overall feeling of design is not much different. In Baselworld, we have The opportunity to see one of the first collaborative models from TAG Heuer Replica Watches and Bamford, a label called Heuer Bamford Monaco.

To my surprise, I like this watch. From the design point of view, it really came together, and now, for me, this Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watch design method is always polarized, and I believe this will irritate some of us in Monaco, but because of the lack of a better word I think it looks cool. I think the size may be related to it; this is a 339mm watch that looks natural to wear its carbon case. This is a classic Monaco in terms of its dial layout, putt and crown position. It has been firmly rooted in the original Caliber 11 model since 1969.

I think that part of the reason why Monaco can be so successful is that the original design was not particularly conservative – Monaco has always been a somewhat aggressive feeling, very avant-garde watch (and it has always been very comfortable, very eye-catching color The Bay of Monaco is a perfect example.To see it in a carbon box, with a vivid “aquablue” and black dial, and a matching date display, it doesn’t feel like grafting; instead, it feels like the original Natural extension of the design.

Very comfortable to wear, it’s amazing to see the wrist immediately at home – it seems to really feel that the watch you can wear every day, especially if your personal style tends to be slightly colorful and occasionally unusual. This is a watch-friendly size, real graphics impact, and the carbon case brings more visual interest to the table while also exuding a contemporary coolness, which is an overall design with Monaco Perfect match. In his initial introduction of the story, James Stacey wrote, “I like it without threatening the existence or legitimacy of the more classic Monaco while managing a new direction, keeping it with racing,” and I tend to agree with this assessment.

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