In the Basel world, we first saw the new mikro pendulum concept watch, which replaced the usual spring balance with a new magnetic pendulum. From top to bottom, this watch is full of technological innovations, breaking the limits of mechanical watches and changing the limiting factors themselves. Here, we can experience the mikro pendulum, the detailed description, the decomposition of the new technology, and the video of the mikro pendulum used in the action, which was explained by scientific and engineering staff Semon’s own Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches VP.

Well, let’s start with a basic perspective. Best Cheapest TAG Heuer Replica did not use the balance system as you know it, but created a new balance system called a pendulum that uses a magnet instead of a spring. An array of four powerful magnets exerts pressure on the wobble plate. The special geometry and magnetic charge of the disk cause it to oscillate back and forth like a balance wheel. This technology was first introduced by TAG Heuer Replica at the 2010 Carrera pendulum.

At this point, you may think “why?” With a typical balance, there is a limit imposed by the physical properties of the hair. It can only pulsate at such a fast rate. It is affected by friction. Gravity has a detrimental effect. Vibrations can deform the springs. Over time, the springs eventually wear out. Pendulum can easily solve these problems, although it has its own sensitivity to heat and magnetic fields. Years of research and development have been invested in finding the right alloys and optimal geometry to eliminate these problems, and now the magnetic regulators of the tags are officially certified.

In these pendulum systems, there are two pendulum systems, both of which have toubillons (the world’s first magnetic tourbillon) to neutralize the negative effects of inconsistent magnetic fields such as normal tourbillon on gravity.

The first pendulum, on the left side of the dial, clocks the watch, beats at 12 Hz, and rotates three times per minute. 86,400 vibrations per hour and the energy reserve is 24 hours. The second break record was 50 Hz (so fast that you couldn’t notice any movement noticeably), rotating 12 times per minute and providing the timer with 60 minutes of energy storage. The latter is the fastest tourbillon ever made, which shortens the time of the timer to 1/100th of a second, shaking 360,000 times per hour.

But this technology does not stop there. The 45mm housing is made of chrome and cobalt alloys and is commonly found in aerospace and surgical instruments. For the eyes, it looks more like white gold than steel, but in fact it is harder than titanium and it is also lighter. However, these putters are of titanium type and are set to the top in the cow head shape. Rose Gold Bridge held two pendulum games at 6 o’clock and praised anthracite very well. All in all, the mikro clock has 454 components.

Although Carrera Mikro Pendulum was created as a concept, Fake Tag Heuer Watches displayed a work on the Carrera mikro pendulum. For this watch, the main chronograph chain uses a balanced wheel system that beats at 4 Hz, while the chronograph chain uses the same pendulum used by the mikro pendulum (although it has a 90-minute power reserve in this application). . The example here is titanium, not chromium and cobalt, with a total of 371 components in the mikro pendulum.

The produced mikro pendulum will be priced at 35,000 CHF, and the concept mikro pendulum will provide 400,000 CHF on a specific special order basis. These are all very interesting works that will introduce new technologies into the world of watchmaking. You can find more details here.

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