This is a small town in the Jura region of Switzerland in November. We have never heard of anyone called Chevenez. When we visited the modern black and white ground of the latest facility ‘dant-Garde Manufacture’ of TAG Heuer Replica Watches, it began to snow outside. Recently completed, the new production base began recently in 2012. Now complete, this location will be the center of the production of the TAG Heuer mechanical chronograph movement, including the just announced 1969 Calibre, which was later renamed TAG Heuer Calibre CH 80.

Many watch collectors know the relationship between TAG Heuer and Seiko about Calibre 1887, but people often misunderstand this relationship. Seiko does not produce motion for the TAG Heuer Replica (except for the hairspring, as far as I know, it is limited to the 1887 movement). TAG Heuer authorizes the Seiko movement and adjusts it to suit your needs. All 1887 movements were made in Switzerland and it is a fairly fine movement. The Calibre 1969 is also an automatic chronograph, but it’s trivial in terms of functionality and sophistication.

With a thickness of 6.5 mm, the Calibre 1969 is a fairly thin chronograph. It is definitely thinner than the 1887, which is good because it allows the Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches to produce smaller watches in more elegant situations. The chronograph will indeed be the main part of the movement, and it has two important functions that chronograph lovers should look for. The first is the vertical clutch transmission, as well as the column wheel. These features ensure smooth, precise operation and long-term reliability of the chronograph. Although not rendered with blue steel (such as the 1887 column wheel), the column wheel on the 1969 can be easily seen through the back of the watch that is peered from the main board.

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