The 2015 Goodwood Speed ​​Festival attracted a large crowd to the most popular venue in one of Britain’s most famous estates. At the Goodwood Festival, held from June 25th to June 28th, you will notice one thing, that is, everything goes very fast. The air was filled with roaring engine roars, and the fans were thrilled and excited, and the jets whizzed overhead. This is a sensory impact and a tasteful enjoyment. Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches sponsored activities are one of the biggest escapes in your life when the daily chore makes you frustrated. If you succeed in getting a ticket, your eyes will see the best example of excellence in the world, and TAG Heuer’s five new watches don’t seem to be enough.

Let’s start with two labels, the Heuer Carrera Calibre 16s Senna version. I found the label Heuer Senna Carreras to be an excellent case study of saturation branding – it’s hard to do it, but the label has a lot of experience. The stylish “S” in the racing red features the dial, bezel, and back cover. It’s hard to envy TAG Heuer’s apparent enthusiasm for Senna and his post-mortem ambassador’s post (he even appeared holograms in Barcelona) officially released, but the obvious mark may be slightly higher for those who want to wear this watch every day. The device is for the future without letting it be in a box.

The label Heuer Carrera Calibre 16-year-old Senna version is available in two versions. You can choose the stainless steel dial and stainless steel bracelet worn by Senna (known as the “legendary” style, but it can be said that its basic design is more widely called the bracelet); nevertheless, these links are for more comfort and more Exquisite. Another version is the belt inspired by the tire pedal on DLC titanium rubber.

In my opinion, the DLC version on the rubber strap is undoubtedly the best choice. The rubber is flexible out of the box, ensuring comfort and peace of mind. At 44mm, the label Heuer Carrera Calibre 16-year-old Senna version is large, but no more than modern standards. The rubber strap and titanium case reduce weight and increase comfort compared to the steel case. If you are a hardcore steel fan, you certainly won’t agree, but as far as money is concerned, I think the DLC version provides a better example. The legendary bracelet is very good, but because of its one-dimensional effect, it does not attract your attention.

The TAG Heuer Replica Watches brand is evolving. In a strange way, it is becoming a microscopic example of the watch industry as a whole. Its high end has given us some amazing works forever exciting and ambitious calibers with unusual complications and technology and speed – despite the department’s efforts to severely cut the results of the budget markings (we cover here extensively) Reorient yourself and the new pricing strategy with a better brand value proposition and bring it back to the roots. Therefore, at the entry level, watches are getting cheaper and the use of quartz is becoming more and more common.

This bold strategy is to consistently deliver new watches – and drastically cut prices – in fact, TAG has been adhering to this strategy since its release in late 2014. Swiss TAG Heuer Watches has a long history and iconic character, and its connection with eternal and modern heroes such as Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton adds vitality. Many people want to buy the brand itself, because their entry-level watches are more like a badge that supports the ideal, not a huge wheel of time. This is perfectly fine, especially when those watches have the grip of a special version of the TAG Heuer McLaren watch.

The TAG Heuer Formula One McLaren Special Edition is one of three Formula One-inspired quartz watches presented at Goodwood, as well as two other Senna commemorative watches. McLaren is my favorite three, especially on the Nato strap (it can also be in the “legendary” bracelet). The black and “rocket red” NATO is boldly decorated with a race stripe. It dresses this watch beautifully, and the bracelet of this watch looks a bit outdated. As a kind of quartz, it has high function and high precision. I always think that if you want to buy more than 1,500 US dollars to buy a piece of quartz, it is better to buy a timer. This way you can easily prove that your choice is entirely based on practical reasons. It’s quite possible to get a great automatic three phone at the same price with this label TAG Heuer, but mechanical timers at that price? They do exist, but very rare – and often accompanied by a poor, less reliable sport . Moreover, there is still less chance of finding such a brand from a brand that is equally well known to Fake TAG Heuer Watches.

Regardless of the debate about price and purchase, what are the two Senna models that can be provided at the technical level? These three watches use 3, 6, and 9-point timing devices, and the 3-point time is 1 second. The time for 4 o’clock is 1 second, the time for 6 o’clock is 1/10 seconds, and the time for 9 o’clock is 30 minutes. The TAG Heuer Replica logo is engraved in the center of the dial. The bezel on the McLaren is made of red anodized aluminum with a true basic tachometer scale. This is a distinct feature of the speed-related watch, but the style of the border really wears out my gear. It looks like a rotating border because of the “gear” design, but it doesn’t move at all. Of course, you won’t want a speed loop to move, but its form and function are not matched. Of course, it looks cool, but if you know what you are looking at, you may find it as strange as I am.

Both Senna models have the same strange border design but in different colors. Their case and strap are the same, but one dial is anthracite with red accents, while the other dial is black with yellow highlights. Yellow really makes this dial “popular” and looks cool when used with the classic red Senna “S”, with decorative borders and a 3-point dial. This should be a tribute to the iconic yellow of the late Senna helmet – this is a wonderful, sentimental touch. Both watches are 43 mm in size, between Carreras and McLaren. The TAG Heuer Formula One Senna Special Edition watch is not on the rubber strap, but if you can pick one, it seems to me that both watches are great.

The stainless steel watch, the Heuer Carrera Calibre, is priced at $4,150. The DLC Titanium Tire Tread Band is priced at $4,600. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Senna watch is priced at $1,750.

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