As for the ambassador position, the combination of David Guetta and TAG Heuer seems to be a bit out of place. But Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches is looking for spokespersons in a high-pressure environment, not just sports. In fact, when you think of their slogan “Don’t collapse under pressure”, like the superstar DJ (Guetta), Hollywood icon (DiCaprio) or t-model (Delevigne), like Kimi Raikonnen. ) Or when steel-like athletes like Lewis Hamilton are equally relevant, you will find it very reasonable. Their collaboration led to the release of the special edition of the label Heuer Formula 1 David Guetta. In order to promote the release of this film, and to let our ordinary people know his daily life, David Geta made a short film for us to enjoy. If you have a strong tendency to squat, I want to warn you: there are many helicopters and fans who worship you.

So Guetta’s lifestyle has enough pressure to justify his role as a brand ambassador. In addition to clever placement ads, it’s almost impossible to blame TAG Heuer Replica Watches for any other behavior. Guetta is famous all over the world, and his fans flocked to admire his style and confidence. Tied your watch on a record-breaking watch will definitely guarantee excellent exposure – especially for the younger generation of consumers, most Swiss brands have so far failed to win their favor, now Trying to connect with them. But this is just a name, or is this watch actually inspired by Guetta himself?

I think if I am an international music star and famous for my global travel, the first thing I want on my watch is a GMT feature. For the special version of the label Heuer Formula 1 David Guetta, this complex feature makes a lot of sense. Black and blue borders (much like the Rolex GMT Master II BLNR, which is exactly the same as the previous version of Fake TAG Heuer Watches, you can see it here), black time (6pm-6am) for night, blue time (6am-6pm) stands for daytime.

Let us not ignore the interesting “wristband” strap. It’s inspired by the regularity of the club’s regulars, but is it also practical? Playing a disc is a daunting and tricky job, and the last thing a self-respecting top player wants to see is wearing a bracelet on his wrist. . This leather strap is in frequent contact with the skin, improving the stability of the watch and making full use of the flexibility and water absorption of the calfskin. The strap is fastened with Adiron, treated with titanium carbide and engraved with the Swiss TAG Heuer Watches trademark.

More important is still comfort. This shoulder strap has a wide leather back that distracts the weight of the wrist. If the watch is made of titanium, its wrist is almost weightless. However, it is made of 316L stainless steel treated with titanium carbide. The black and blue GMT borders are made of aluminum. The dial is creamy black and has an appointment window at 3 o’clock, another important feature of those who are busy. I was a little surprised that David Guetta did not ask for a day’s function. With those late night concerts and hedonic parties, you will think that he needs a day or a date more than most people.

If David Geta wants to participate in a pool party, he can also take his watch with confidence. Thanks to the screw down the back, engraved with the chessboard, often associated with the TAG Heuer, and the screw down the crown, the TAG Heuer Replica formula 1 David Geta special edition is waterproof 200 meters. Sapphire crystal provides a clear and scratch-resistant hole through which the index of hand-polished can be fully evaluated. Royal Blue’s Superluminova is really different. It distinguishes the pointer of normal time from the pointer of GMT. The pointers in GMT are blue and white.

In order to increase the credibility of the lawsuit, the David Guetta Special Edition of TAG Heuer Formula 1 uses automatic caliber 7. It has an equilibrium frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of more than 42 hours. This is a enamel-plated movement, decorated with Geneva stripes, engraved with the gold mark of “TAG Heuer 7 Made in Switzerland”. In short, this is a very good watch. At first, I found the pairing of David Guetta and TAG Heuer very strange, but now I think I understand. If the brand continues to find its own spokesperson in an inaccessible field, it will be interesting (it may produce some interesting works with potential collections). TAG Heuer Formula 1 has a special edition price of $2,450 excluding VAT, or £1850 if you are shopping in the UK.

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