In 2017, TAG Heuer Replica Watches has updated the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm watch with a skeleton dial and some new color options, which provides a great opportunity to simply think about the complexity of this piece. .

You see, when most major brands have little courage, resources, designer talent and/or other things to look at, it’s exciting to see Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 debut, which is understandable… … started as early as two years ago. In the meantime, Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches also enhanced the different iterative Heuer-01 retailers offered by their games – it is reported that the supply is limited, and now it’s just a solid foundation for creating new versions, this iterative TAG Heuer Carrera.

I have been wearing it for a long time and have an extensive review of the TAG Heuer-01 chronograph in 2015. I like it for many reasons – its 45 mm large case. Not one of them. When the label of the Heuer Carrera heur -01 was designed, the craze of the big watch was at its climax, but even the strong trend could not expand my wrist to better adapt to the heur -01 and its long Long “Carrera” lugs. Fortunately, Fake TAG Heuer Watches has realized that for a small size Heuer-01, there is obviously room (and demand), which gives us a good look at what we are looking at: the label being described Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm.

Now, when we first saw these “reduced versions” in early 2016, they only used stereo dials, maybe (just possible), to further emphasize that these are smaller versions. Now, in 2017, TAG Heuer Replica will launch three new skeleton versions, black, blue and brown. That’s strong black, dark blue, and dry reddish brown if you like more fancy names for some reason, the same thing.

The frame is matt ceramic and the outer casing is brushed steel. The label Heuer Carrera heur -01 43mm has a dome-shaped sapphire crystal on the front and a reflective coating on both sides. The crown is covered with a rubber sheet wrapped around the brushed steel core. There are many things happening on this dial, but all these new parts received an updated date aperture (legal) at 3:30. The public was angry at the black background of the first version of the prototype for this less clear black number.

If you want better clarity and a more timeless timing design (although still wrapped in a more modern box), you may want to use a model with a solid dial. However, I would like to see these new 43mm versions, because I have a feeling that a serious illness, busy dialing will work very well, this is slightly smaller, I boldly say that a more proportion of the design (see 45 mm) 43 mm to the left and right of the version – I think this picture is as real as possible).

Under the protection of 100 meters waterproof, this watch is Heuer 01. As Swiss TAG Heuer Watches said, “This watch is one of the few timers that can be produced at 100% of the price below 5,000 Swiss francs. One.” This sounds right, because one of the three new variants of Heuer Carrera, on a leather strap or steel bracelet, is priced at $5,350, and the price on the rubber strap. It is $5,200. This is 4,800 euros or 5,000 euros, 4,650 euros or 4,850 CHF.

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