One of the new TAG Heuer Replica Watches released in 2014 is the new version of Carrera, which they call Carrera CH 80. This name may not allow most people to fully understand the essence of this rather wonderful model, this model can celebrate why people The original Carrera model and the TAG Heuer technology are now known.

I actually asked TAG Heuer Replica why their hands need color, they say it is because of their modern DNA and focus on sports. This is great, but I think there is a very good argument to support the creation of at least one version of these specific early Carreras with the CH 80 movement, most black and white dials have extra colors. It would be interesting to more or less reproduce the classic monochromatic appearance of historical works in at least some form, especially considering the layout of the new internally manufactured movement.

In most cases, the tri-compax style layout with three small dials on the dial is my favorite way. This is the case with the CH 80 movement, adding a new flavor to the modern Carrera collection. The complete 12-hour chronograph movement has many technical benefits, and it is beyond our expectation that Fake TAG Heuer Watches will charge the price of the watch released at the end of 2013 unexpectedly. These watches are certainly not cheap, but they are expected to exceed at least $1,000.

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