This 2015 is the first observation trade show, Jean-Claude Beaver thinks that the TAG Heuer at the helm is the “temporary” CEO, and one of his most important new products, this year is TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01 watch. I think the origin of this watch, its purpose in my opinion, and how it will affect the brand of the entire Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches is worth discussing, because there is no discussion, I don’t think this is a product, most people will understand.

Let’s go back to the early 2000s, when Jean-Claude Beaver was very hot. His Blancpain never produced and sold the Swatch Group and was eager to do something new. He failed to purchase the TAG Heuer brand and was originally founded in the early 1980s. As the Big Bang looked and Beaver TAG Heuer became a propaganda machine, it became a big country to watch the company and he later sold it to the large luxury goods group Louis Vuitton (lv Moet Hennessy). Jean-Claude Beaver is not just selling a large group of treasures and leaving, but he stays in the brand where the CEO continues to run and continues to grow.

In the end, Jean-Claude Beaver wanted to slow down and switch to the chairman of TAG Heuer and his long-time deputy installer Ricardo Gaudalupe CEO. Just when people thought that Jean-Claude Beaver retired to enjoy his success and cheese, he decided to supervise the entire observation in Louis Vuitton operations, including TAG Heuer, Zenith, and TAG Heuer Replica Watches. Oddly enough, this does not include Louis Vuitton Watches or Bulgari.

Louis Vuitton’s strategy looks at the head of the department. Mr. Beaver likes a very interesting job without an official office, or even a title – which actually means that he still spends a lot of time doing the treasure. One of his missions is to help Fake TAG Heuer Watches – the original purchase of heritage and harmony with young consumers. However, TAG Heuer, for a number of reasons, began to give up its strong position as an entry-level Swiss luxury brand and prices continue to climb. This is very unfavorable for the company to decide in the long run that TAG Heuer needs to “return to its roots.”

At the end of 2014, TAG Heuer announced efforts to reduce its labor and integration efforts in some internal sports production as well as the use of Swiss ETA and other sports from third-party suppliers (it has been doing for a long time). TAG Heuer’s then CEO Stefan Linde let go (he is now in Gucci, everywhere), and without a strong leadership choice, Jean-Claude Beaver announced his involvement. I fully expect the time, the TAG Heuer CEO is relatively short (maybe a few years). His position in Swiss TAG Heuer Watches should always be temporary, and I think that once he puts the brand in a good place, his purpose is to hand over the power to those who will continue to push the brand, he now put it.

So the real question is: what exactly is Jean-Claude Beaver doing TAG Heuer, the feelings of the brand loyal, his experience and success in TAG Heuer can be expected to be copied (in some way) TAG Heuer ?

TAG Heuer’s Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01 meets at least part of it. My feeling is that it has been asked by Mr. Beaver for a long time. “Can you build a cheaper big bang?” Whether you like it or not This is part of the TAG Heuer that I can speculate on in the near future. What makes Jean-Claude Beaver so successful in TAG Heuer Replica? Two main things, in my opinion. The first is to create news around the world, to make a lot of people interested in (watches) brands that need attention, and secondly to create visually appealing and mens watches that are exciting for contemporary luxury watch designs. Again, not all of Mr. Beaver has been praised by the traditional watch industry, but his success speaks for itself.

I think the bad news is that at least part of the future of TAG Heuer will be released in the watch, fans of traditional brands will not be accepted. The fans of TAG Heuer are TAG Heuer fans and keen to buy watches, reminding them of the rich history of the brand. Not only the products but also participate in motorsports and other activities. The problem is that the young millennial population, TAG Heuer is trying to attract not knowing (they don’t care) that Steve McQueen is what TAG Heuer is doing in the 1960s.

TAG Heuer may not completely abandon their mature fans, but they must use a completely different strategy if they want to be the type of brand that appeals to younger buyers. This means that TAG Heuer needs to be very “now” focused on the generation of social media, fashion, music, and modern sporting events. I have to agree that such a strategy is in many ways before they do a better business than just doing something that is loud enough to buy a good watch for about $1,000.

I have a feeling that one thing that will happen, TAG Heuer’s deployment strategy, which I call “Hublot-Lite.” This means a bold and youthful (or younger-minded) watch enthusiast that emphasizes far-reaching marketing campaigns. Easy way. In some ways, that is to look at all the iterations of the work with the Big Bang Big Bang and provide more usable versions on TAG Heuer – my friend, is TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01, in my opinion.

Let’s discuss the TAG Heuer Calibre TAG Heuer 01 Sport. What you need to know is that in terms of structure it is more or less an existing internally produced TAG Heuer 1887 caliber automatic chronograph movement. However, this is a serious illness, giving some new colors (such as the striking red cylindrical gear) and becoming TAG Heuer 01. It won’t replace 1887, just add some spice in the model to start with the 2015 TAG Heuer Calibre TAG Heuer 01 watch.

I have to admit that I hope that TAG Heuer 01 is more closely related to the still-on-hold internal design, the TAG Heuer caliber CH 80 – but we will have to wait and move towards the future. It really makes people feel a bit “marketing-ish” to make a new sports name in essence is a new dress in 1887. I got it, but it won’t be satisfied, but the result is an impressive and highly wearable concept that offers a small fraction of the price of so many people who like the big bang of the Big Bang. For this reason, I think that the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01 will sell very well.

Let’s not forget that the upcoming TAG Heuer watches are all like an android smartwatch and (only) 14900 Swiss Francs Tourbell Rotating Carrera collection used in the same case, Carrera Caliber TAG Heuer 01. Mr. Beaver has a lot of exciting things to plan to offer affordable and interesting watch works that will definitely get the buzz brand he wants. A lot of markets, but it’s the way to market Beaver, even if you don’t like the result, it’s interesting to see it unfold.

In the case of black, steel, and red, the 45mm wide TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01 watch does not look as good as the wrist. Bold big shocks provoke a serious illness dial and hand cool, and the overall design is fun and exciting like a TAG Heuer. The mechanical watch’s magic around 2015 mechanical movements and smart companies know how to show that sports enthusiasts.

I admit that if this watch is priced at $10,000, I won’t take it as long as I talk about it. I won’t include the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01. We watch the top 10 watches of 2015. This is relatively low price, plus what else Mr. Beaver is in TAG Heuer, makes me feel that this is of great significance. Mr. Beaver is not ignoring the upcoming world mainstream smartwatches nor is he putting all his eggs in this basket. Mr. Beaver understands that the younger generation of high-end watch buyers want everything.

They hope that contemporary modern technology is still a lifestyle indicator. They want cool traditional watch accessibly-priced packages, they want a brand, participate in related things, they don’t want a brand, tell them what, but let them choose. It’s entirely possible that I’m reading a bit more about what Jean-Claude Beaver is doing at TAG Heuer, but when I meet him, I’ve seen the new 2015 TAG Heuer products and plans to explore future partnerships and events. Everything seems quite clear.

It happens that I also like the Big Bang explosion, but I may not see that I spend $20,000 or more and I don’t fall into a buyer’s income. However, a small fraction of the price of things I am really interested in seems to offer a similar experience. I think a lot of people will also. 2015 CAR2A1Z reference. FT6044 TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre TAG Heuer 01 can be quickly priced at 4,900 Swiss francs.

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