The current label for Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches is “Don’t break under pressure.” They sponsored the World Wave League’s Big Wave and Hawaiian surfer Kai Lenny, which sounds really true. On December 6, the wave of Pe ‘ahi (aka great white shark) on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii, reached 65 feet. The first WSL Pe ‘ahi Challenge in 2015 kicked off. A big wave game like this (and Eddie Eka on the north shore of Oahu) is usually held within one day of the open competition.

Pe ‘ahi is the “Great White Shark” that surfers are familiar with – the so-called “break” can be closed from both sides of the deep strait, which is carved from a stream flowing into the Pacific Ocean. Because, as the local surfer Kay Rani said, “The squat will bite.” “Pe ‘ahi / Jaws’s waves are even uninterrupted until the face is more than 12 feet high. Under normal circumstances, you will only Seeing the raging waves, I don’t know if this is one of the few real giant waves in the world.

Visiting this website is not easy. From the Hana Highway, follow a 1.5-mile dirt road, with limited open space (on private property) for game organizers, and a very limited number of visitors – each surfer on the cliff There can only be two family members on the side. The surfers drove their own motorcycles from the port of Kaharu, 13 miles away, and took the support boats and jet skis to the location of the incident and moved west before the big break. But this is not a “big wave” game. No, the surfers must paddle the waves and pose themselves to catch the six-story monsters and hope they don’t “over the waterfall” and become a fatal blow. They use high-tech, on-demand inflatable vests, but as Kay Lenny tells us, looking up at 65 feet of water under the waves (when you hold your breath and try to swim to the surface) is a pretty good scene.

For surfers, stress is both psychological and physical, and for watches, the pressure is great. TAG Heuer-sponsored surfer Kai Lenny wears a standard TAG Heuer Replica Aquaracer 300M watch, even in the world’s largest wave. He said that when he extended his left arm and looked down, his watch gave him an aiming point. He watches the Jaws watch (nominally every hour).

Kai has been working in surfing for more than 10 years, but he is only 23 years old. He is an all-around athlete and his sports include surfing, stand-up paddle surfing (he is the world champion), surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and skateboarding (he has his own half tube in the backyard).

He is the most mature and down-to-earth 23-year-old young man I have ever met. He is not a “surfer” in your imagination. Instead, he is a well-trained, very healthy athlete who has been training with surfers such as Laird Hamilton since childhood. Kay and his father, Martin Lenny, are very good people, and they are sincerely grateful for what life has given them. They gave back to the society through Kay Foundation: But there is no doubt that Kay has made tremendous efforts to achieve his current achievements. This hard work made him one of the 24 entrants to participate in the sports ahi challenge.

This year he successfully reached the semi-finals. In the final, only three of the six surfers encountered the waves. Even the best people are exposed to the waves, if they can paddle like hell, grab the waves, and let them freely drop a surface that is higher than the house.

The power of the giant waves of Pe’ahi / Jaws is worth a look. A friend of mine lives about a mile away and he can hear the roar of his house when his chin is twitching. He also said that he could still hear the sound of the boulder being towed into the sea when the waves receded.

Big wave surfers use “big guns”, which are not only larger, but also have stronger center rails that use twice as much fiberglass as ordinary surfboards. Even so, in the game, Kay broke two rebounds in 10 minutes. He said that he was very happy that Fake TAG Heuer Watches became his sponsor because they told him that he would continue to provide him with trading tools as long as he did his job. Since the price of surfboards is around $1,000, sponsorship is critical to top surfers staying competitive.

As a guest of TAG Heuer, I am one of the few people who have the privilege of watching the WSL Pe ‘ahi Challenge on the cliff overlooking the great white shark. On the second day after the game, Kay Lenny and several local surf instructors gave classes to TAG Heuer’s guests – I passed the exam because my knees were slid by hang gliding.

So I took pictures of my travel companions, swimming in the warm Lahaina Road (in the Pacific Ocean between Maui, Lanai and Molokai), wearing a 300-meter-high TAG Heuer Replica Watches on his wrist ( Heuer Aquaracer) label. When we arrived at Lahaina Road, the humpback whale was preparing to return. Every winter, humpback whales travel long distances from the waters that Alaska feeds. This is the most popular birthing area.

This year’s new model is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M wristband ceramic frame (more versions here). Although it can also be used in other colors, this special reference for blue and black seems to fit very well with the blue sky and the deep blue ocean around Maui. There are a lot of places worthy of this watch, of course, TAG also has some areas for improvement. For more than a week, I wear this TAG Heuer 300-meter watch every day. It is both beautiful and comfortable, so it has become a popular companion.

The 300-meter Heuer Aquaracer strap is a blue ceramic frame with a screw-down crown and 1000 feet of water resistance, whether it’s diving in the sea, surfing or swimming, it’s all you Favorite. The one-way 120-click border has a lume on the index pip. I found the “deck” pattern on the dial very attractive and very nautical. There is a magnifying glass at 3 o’clock, which is welcome by my old eyes. It does make the hand less readable, but the Cyclops always do. When it comes to readability, the overall readability is very good.

However, under some lighting conditions, the blue seconds hand and the black dial are a bit scattered. You may need to find the lumed tip to see the number of seconds passed. On the 300-meter-high Swiss TAG Heuer Watches, there are many shiny elements – the stylus, the hands, the bezel and the side of the case. Plus flat sapphire crystal and cute, but shiny blue borders reflect very intense light at the correct (wrong) angle. The case, bezel and crystal all show my dirty hand prints, so I often wipe the watch to make it look shiny.

The lume on the TAG Heuer 300-meter label is blue, the top of the pointer is green, and the markers are green on the 12-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, and 9-hour marks. Lume is pretty good, the brightness of the manufacturer at the hour is the same pointer (not the case for all watches).

The TAG Heuer 300 black nylon sail has blue stitching with a blue border and a second hand. And the bottom of the strap is blue rubber, so it is very comfortable. Again, a nice color matches the rest of the watch. The strap has no pin holes because the snap card is deployed in any position you choose. Release is by pressing the button on the 2 side button. This is a very comfortable and highly functional combination of belt and buckle.

Screw the box back and you’ll see what TAG says about the “caliber 5” movement. In this case, it is the Sellita SW 200 (ETA 2824 clone). In my tests, this reliable working machine was accurate to -5 to +1 seconds per day (a total of 6 positions). Although not a formal or complete timing test, this rough test shows that this special label Heuer Aquaracer 300M is very good, in the COSC astronomical table specifications. I was a little surprised to see a plastic sports rack, but it was obviously doing the job. A diver’s helmet engraving is attached to the back of this beautifully carved solid screwdriver.

Go back to the slogan of “Do not collapse under pressure” on the Howe label, which is true in Kai Lenny and his TAG Heurer Aquaracer. The surfers and watches didn’t break under pressure – but his two sturdy “big gun” surfboards burst and split in half under the constant slamming impact.

The famous water sports photographer Tom Servais has been photographing surfers around the world for decades. When we visited Lenny’s home in Maui, he came by the way, and he had an interesting watch story to tell. A few years ago, when his TAG Heuer was filmed in the big waves of Fiji, the strap failed. He knows the whereabouts of the watch, but because of the large waves, he has no chance to find it. When he landed, he mentioned the lost watch to a friend in Fiji. Sure enough, six months later, the label was found embedded in the coral reported by Tom, Mia. Since the Fijians knew who the watch was, Tom would be able to get his trustworthy TAG Heuer back when he went to Fiji next time. He just cleaned up and put on a new belt. Staying underwater for half a year did not change it.

The new Howell Aquaracer 300M is equipped with a nylon canvas strap and a stainless steel bracelet with a variety of color schemes. There is also an example of a black titanium box. Prices range from $2,400 to $3,000.

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