Although the headlines of SIHH 2017 are more or less occupied by incredible complexity and equally unbelievable price tags, it is found that brands such as TAG Heuer have not completely abandoned accessibility and are still working on watches. It’s a good thing to produce high quality “starter drugs” – almost refreshing. Although this drug may be different for almost all types of watch collectors, it is certain that many people’s first “pretty Swiss watches” are driven by the accessibility and simplicity of quartz movement. of. For the latter category of watch enthusiasts (or those who are looking for the convenience of a beautiful, well-crafted “take away and go” watch), TAG Heuer Replica Watches continues to support its popular and economical quartz collection, which has consistently performed well. The exclusive Aquaracer collection introduces some exclusive color treatments and a 43 mm case.

It’s worth noting that if we return to the singular origins of Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches iconic dive watch, remember that its debut in 1982 was not driven by automatic motion, but a quartz watch. Since then, TAG has been offering quartz options in the series, even other luxury brands such as Omega are quietly eliminating their own quartz options. The promise of the label has been admirable, but it also serves as evidence that not only is there a demand, there is enough demand to guarantee the growth of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 quartz collection from a single 41 mm offering three 43 mm products more closely mimic the design language Discover the quality of the line of choice (in the past, quartz and automatic variables have significantly different design executions).

Speaking of high-end, the automatic label Fake TAG Heuer Watches caliber 5 Aquaracer 300 starts at around $2,400. Therefore, in order to lower the price below $2,000, Howardie must do more than just change the movement – in this iteration, the border is now black anodized aluminum (not ceramic), red or blue Pleasant tones. The magnified Cyclops are also excluded from the crystal, and the dial loses its glowing second hand and textured “blinds” for a clean exposure. The end result is undoubtedly much cleaner and much simpler, but still loyal to the DNA collected by Aquaracer through bold protection of mobile phones and application indicators, screw and diver’s helmet caseback engraving, six suffering from influenza nails in the border – all these Has become a collection of semi-permanent features.

Now, although we obviously haven’t opened one of these cavities, we bet that this tag has been consistently using the Ronda 6003 sport and it has been using this series for the past few years. Of course, the 6003 is a far cry from the Seiko 9F, but it is still a repairable and refractory gold-plated machine with 4 jewels that should allow the owner to own the 40 months before and after replacing the battery. A reliable, worry-free wear for life.

As with many new versions, the price has not yet been officially confirmed, but we can bet that the price of the 4mm TAG Heuer Replica Aquaracer quartz (41mm) should be around $410 for the current 41mm similar product. It has three variants: red (ref. 101b. ba0746), blue (WAY101C.BA0746) and black (WAY101A.BA0746).

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