AAA TAG Heuer swiss replica watch has launched the ideal watch to provide people with a day of exercise away from social interaction and some much-needed outdoor activities timing functions. The third-generation model of the Connected Golf series is full of new features.

  • Third-Generation Connected Golf Edition Replica Watch

The 45mm black titanium case of the luxury new Connected Golf replica watch has a black ceramic bezel with 18 graduations engraved on the dial, corresponding to each hole of a round of golf. In addition to other uses in other applications, you can use the two buttons with green paint on the side of the crown to record in the Golf application.

The OLED touch screen dial of the top replica watch dial is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and now has five additional custom-designed normally open faces, whose green always-bright faces echo the color of the strap. The dial switches between active mode and environmental mode to extend battery life throughout the day, but always displays the time. Connected Watch Golf Edition comes with a magnetic battery charger and a special travel bag. All accessories are packaged in an accessory box with four T-shirts, a turf tool and three golf balls, all of which are TAG Heuer replica watch brand. It also comes with a rubber strap.

The white rubber strap with green stitching has a texture similar to the surface of a golf dimple. With the help of TAG Heuer replica watch’s quick-change system, an additional black perforated rubber strap can be easily disconnected to make the appearance more formal.