The link is actually one of the most modern watches redesigned by TAG Heuer Replica Watches. Since 1987, TAG Heuer has had a lot of styles in its history. This means that in 2017, the TAG Heuer link series has been around for 30 years. At this time, TAG Heuer has provided a completely new design for men and women. This is a tag Heuer link Calibre 5 collection for men (published here), it will release the new TAG Heuer link box, dial and bracelet for the first time. There is also a woman’s collection in a 36 mm wide box with quartz movement.

My first tag, the Heuer timepiece, is a link, but it is very different from these new 2017 models. TAG Heuer’s label has always been a watch that combines the appeal of skirts and sports watches – but it does feel that in 2017, these watches are more on the watch’s surface. Having said that, if you think Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches is related to a dress watch, at least it is not a boring watch. The new interpretation of Link’s “S-link” bracelet is undoubtedly more attractive. The dial is also simpler, with a group of hands and timing pens that look extremely aggressive.

In 2017 there will be three Swiss TAG Heuer Watches links 5 in silver-plated dials, in silver, blue or dark grey (black) colors. This case is all steel, 41 mm wide, with a padded look and combined with a tapered bracelet. The integration of the case/watch chain makes it conceptually similar to the Ottoman Royal Oak or Patek Philippe Nautilus, which is one of the reasons why this kind of design is enduring.

A design element, very much defined by the 2017 tag Heuer link model is case polished. I remember many linked watches that had a brushed/satin case, while the 2017 series had contrast polished and brushed surfaces. This is most evident in bracelets, which have more luster than the more sophisticated TAG Heuer chain bracelets of the past. Interestingly, TAG Heuer Replica is in Carrera and the f1 series (most notably the Senna watch – Elton in the early 1990s?

My point is that the new generation of tagged Fake Tag Heuer Watches will take some time to grow on people. This is a very different label, in terms of appearance and personality. This is very rare and you have a unique and eye-catching bracelet that matches a box and dial, which is simpler. However, I don’t think this is a bad thing because we can use more interesting bracelets to attract people’s attention. One good thing is that Tag Heuer seems to have designed a more easily adjustable bracelet. Some older tags Heuer link bracelets are very complicated to adjust the size. Look at the back of the bracelet and you will see the small pusher to remove the link. The bracelet also has an elaborate and solid butterfly deployment buckle.

The polished elements on the bracelet are on the sides or edges while the surface is brushed. This is a very attractive appearance and a masculine appearance. I believe that this makes TAG Heuer links one of the few real “male jewelry” works. The case echoes with the appearance of the bracelet to a certain extent, because the flat border is polished and polished. The integration of the shell and bracelet is well done and is another part of the new look of the 2017 TAG Heuer Link series.

In the 2017 TAG Heuer link, there is a three-handed robotic movement of the TAG Heuer Calibre 5, which is a basis for the Swiss Sellita SW200. This is very similar to the ETA 2824, which operates at 4Hz and has about two days of power reserve. You can see the movement of the sapphire crystal behind the box. Unfortunately, this sport has little or no decoration, so for experienced watch lovers, there are still some deficiencies from the perspective of the backside.

The case is waterproof up to 100 meters and the dial has a flat, sapphire-plated sapphire crystal. With all the curves, I’m a little wondering how the Tag Heuer link would look like with a bit of a domed sapphire crystal. The ratio of hour and pointer on the dial is very suitable, and the dial is very large (I always appreciate it). Although most of the dress watches are low-key and low-key, the TAG Heuer link’s dial is full of large elements ranging from hands and timing markers to the text and the TAG Heuer logo itself. This is a tag link I have seen that is “more than life.”

The small details of the entire design help to create a sense of refinement, even if the combination of cabinet design, dial, and bracelet is not for everyone. Like I said, I like the design of the bracelet, the complex polishing, and even something like a thinning crown and a crown. This is a “big-man” style garment designed for a new generation of mechanical watch wearers, and due to the richness of their details, they are not even priced. The 2017 tag Heuer link model includes reference WBC2111. WBC2110 BA0603 (silver plated). BA0603 (black dial) and WBC2112. BA0603 (blue UV dial). Each price is 2900 US dollars.

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