2013 is the iconic year of TAG Heuer Replica Watches. At SIHH in January, the brand announced the launch of the Mikrogirder 2000, the first mechanical watch to measure time with 5/10,000 second accuracy; this even surpassed the best quartz watch. At Baselworld in the spring, they continue to use Carrera MikropendulumS to attack modern chronographs, which not only measure time with 1/100 second accuracy, but also use a new magnet-based escapement – yes, that’s how it used to be It is a deadly enemy of mechanical watches. Most importantly, MikropendulemS also includes two tourbillon escapements (one running at 4Hz and one running at an incredible 50Hz.)

This year is also the 50th anniversary of the brand’s most popular model: Carrera, also announced a series of new versions, including some new 1887 internal movements and re-released models to commemorate the beautiful man. Many have created Carrera: Jack Heuer with one hand, since the last 80th anniversary limited edition model was sold out immediately after its launch last year. Most importantly, TAG Heuer Replica also announced the launch of a new (fully internal) column wheel chronograph, Calibre 1969, and a modern manufacturing facility in Chevenez that enables them to create these movements in a quality and volume. The demand for popular brands.

We invited a blog to watch fans attend the Fake TAG Heuer Watches event, only one week before the party. I arrived at the store early to meet the staff, store staff Rachel Zerilla, and TAG Heuer PR Director of Public Relations, our friend Lindsay Hymson, a travel agency from New York was welcomed. event. Lindsay didn’t disappoint her because she not only brought all the new Baselworld 2013 models (not yet in the boutique), but also brought the coveted Monaco V4 – the model with a microstrip.

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