At the end of August, TAG Heuer Replica Watches gathered a group of friends, retailers and journalists from three continents to watch the behind-the-scenes activities of America’s Cup World Series: San Francisco. Tiger worked closely with the defending champion Oracle of America and provided a great experience for everyone involved. This is a weekend event.

First, it is necessary to understand how the U.S. cup operates. The team holding the trophy is the defender, and the other game will not be held until the end of the game. The terms of the new game are set by the defender and accepted by the challenger. In this case, the Swede challenged the US championship Oracle team that played in the San Francisco Bay in the fall of 2010 and started a series of preparatory activities earlier this summer. These former Lin events will culminate in the Louis Vuitton Cup, which will determine which team will play against the US Oracle team in the United States Cup.

More importantly, the defender can choose the vessel, competition format and other technical details. This world competition has two forms of competition, competitions and teams. The game is played on a cradle, and the fleet’s game is that all the boats race at the same time. In the weekend games, there is a winner of the game and the championship of the whole team, with the highest team score and position of the game.

For the fleet, the team will compete in the final game next year with the 72-foot trimarans, which is faster than any previous Copa America. World competitions use smaller boats, but even such games are more important than they were a few years ago. All of these ships have sturdy, vertical wings instead of a mainsail, making them quicker and easier to operate. At the highest speed, only small hydrofoil stays in the water and the boat basically flies on the runway. It’s cool, isn’t it?Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches

There is no better place than San Francisco Bay. The game we watched was near the coast, between Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. If the game itself is not so exciting, it is very easy for people to see the game instead of watching the game. This community really lags behind the U.S. World Cup, with a large audience on the coast and dozens of boats crowded with spectators.

Before Saturday’s game, Tiger brought us to visit the facilities of the US Oracle team, only a few miles away from the real racetrack, led by captain Russell Coutts. Looks like a huge aircraft hangar, in the parking lot (the boat that won the last cup), there is a spectacular dhow, which has the most advanced racing technology on earth. Therefore, photographing is prohibited around this 72-foot-long new ship. I’m sorry everyone, but you have to believe me, this is a bad boat.

The size of the American Cup is small. The construction of a sail (used to enlarge the wing) requires a sewing machine for the entire room and installs it on the floor of the platform. The wing of the last winning ship is actually the largest wing structure ever built. Not for sailing but for any purpose. forever and always. Very crazy stuff. Walking in the workshop feels more like a NASA facility than a yacht club.Fake TAG Heuer Watches

US Oracle has two ships in the world competition, but in the next US Cup final, only one player will have a score of 72 feet. Now, both captains are experienced Russell Coutts and Jimmy Spitzer, the youngest and youngest captain in American history.

Jean-Cristophe Babin, CEO of Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches, was busy explaining TAG’s relationship with the team throughout the weekend. He continues to describe this relationship as a partnership, not a sponsorship, and I tend to believe in his relationship. From the team’s observations, the American Aquaracer 500, the sunglasses of the American team, and some of the still-working digital navigation systems were developed with sailors to suit their particular racing needs.

The American team Aquaracer has a rubber ring and has special markings on the timing record to measure the start of the game for 5 minutes. It is built on the Aquaracer platform and requires some fine-tuning. However, this sunglasses requires new technology. Not only do they need to be light and strong, but they must also ensure high-quality vision in the game. This means that when viewing the water and the sky, not only must provide a balanced contrast, but also a special coating to remove the salt water. You can’t use your camera with a full circle of suede.
After our trip, TAG took everyone to a comfortable tourist boat and pulled us to the edge of the racetrack to watch the day’s activities. Three games were watched on Saturday: the semi-finals of the two games, each of which was a rowing race by the US Oracle team and a long fleet race. Russell and Jimmy have both won, which means that Sunday’s game will be the head of the US Oracle team. Just minutes after winning the game, Jimmy started a game and he will win. Almost one hour of full-scale sailing competition won the game for the United States team. We returned to the shore overnight and were eagerly looking forward to the next day.TAG Heuer Replica

At the cocktail party later on Sunday, these two major events began. In the finals of the game, Coutts defeated Spithill, an extremely intense game. After the challenges within the team, both captains occupied an important position in the early stages of the team. Although both teams did not win, Spitier scored high enough to get high scores on weekends, making Oracle the champion of the San Francisco World Series.

It seems that the excitement of all these games is not enough. Mr. Babin brought a surprise to his dinner on Sunday evening: Mikrotourbillon S. You can see our full coverage of MikrotourbillonS here, including a live video taken in San Francisco. Check out this gallery to see more photos from San Francisco’s World Series of San Francisco.

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