The Monaco Grand Prix held in the Principality of Monaco on the Mediterranean coast of southern France has been held once every year since 1929. Hoyle is a sponsor of the Monaco Automobile Club and an official sponsor of Red Bull Racing. Hoyle hosted several guests and urged them not only to enjoy the F1 but also to enjoy all the necessary feasts related to the event. Of course, such events are incomplete without proper time arrangements. First, the new label Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Red Bull Racing Edition watch, a carefully modified Carrera Heuer 01, in commemoration of the TAG sponsored F1 team. In addition to this “new” (after reading) Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Watches, the traditional sports watch is also a classic – “Steve McQueen” TAG Heuer Monaco.

In this article, I discussed my experience in the game and some watches. I not only added pictures of the game, but also added pictures of Monaco myself. I hope these pictures will help you understand the background of the game.

Although it was not news at the moment, Ferrari’s F1 team won the top two in the Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen won first and second respectively. Daniel Ricardo of Red Bull Racing finished third. In my opinion, the most noticeable are narrow streets and narrow turns. For those who have participated in the race and watched the track, this is not news, but I do have a real feeling of it after running around the track.

Although Monaco has a small area of ​​only 0.78 square miles, there is no Lipotite thing in this area. Monaco is known for its loose or non-existent tax laws. It is the second-most densely populated country in the world, second only to Macau. There are millionaires, billionaires, their cars and yachts everywhere. In the annual competition, the population has soared to 40,000 residents (I believe that there are more or fewer students in about fifty-six public universities in the United States), and the entire city-state is basically used as a venue.

In 2017, it was difficult to separate TAG Heuer from this person. It was none other than Jean-Claude Biver. Beaver is known for his chef’s white clothes and a Tok Branch (of course, the brand). He and the brand ambassador, actor Chris Hemsworth, and Red Bull Racing Daniel Ricciardo started a rivalry game, comparable to Thor and the F1 driver: a hot pot game. Of course, Biver is famous for making cheese himself, so it is not surprising that this cheese sauce battle has taken place. I’m not sure who won, but I believe Hemsworth won.

Of course, this is not the first time that aBlogtoWatch readers have heard of the connection between the car and the Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches tag. In the Indianapolis 500 last year, Ariel showed his best Anthony Bourdin with his time-chasing video. You may remember that he won a match with the lucky winner of the 2015 Watch and Experience Awards and obtained his own Carrera watch.

As I mentioned earlier, I received a TAG Heuer 11-inch “Ref. CAW211P” watch and the new Carrera Heuer 01 Red Bull Chronograph Special Edition watch. I will start with the new TAG Heuer 01, a microcosm of what can be considered a “new” Jean-Claude Beauvais watch in Monaco, and later will be a “heritage” reincarnation of avatar and my favorite watch In the mid-five digit range (and later, really). What I want to point out in particular is that I have chosen these two watches, so both watches are very positive in appearance. Two randomly selected TAG Heuer cards may be treated more harshly.

Although the environment may give rise to another view, the price of Monaco’s $5,900 and the Fake TAG Heuer Watches 01 (45mm) of $5,350 are valuable to many buyers. In an era of uncertainty in this industry and buyers have a lot of choices, especially in this price range, these two watches have come to the fore and surpassed many similar products.

Thousands of words were written on the Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 watch, which enthusiastically entered the “Hublot-lite” field. The design language of this watch is very expensive, it fully represents the direction of TAG Heuer, attracting a new audience. In places where Monaco is reminiscent of the romantic color racing tradition, this watch is “now” because TAG Heuer was the second year of Red Bull racing partnering in 2017.

Fortunately, the designers of this watch decided to keep any team brand with your face behind the case. The dial is far from the standard Heuer 01, enough to make it stand out but not annoying . It has a different skeletal structure, with the word “Drive Timer” on the sub-dial of 12 o’clock, and a large 5-minute mark for Arabic numerals. When you turn the watch, you notice that there is a smoked display box on the back, with the logo and text of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. This is its brand promotion on the watch, it is a refreshing subtle, because it works with a team called “energy drink”.

Please note that the model I am wearing is the new, smaller 43mm version, not the previous 45mm version. The two are basically the same, except for some black titanium carbide in the center of the putter and the box. The matte ceramic blue frame is deep and charming, perfectly matched to the dial. I am also very happy to report that the new date window between 3 and 4 is actually quite legible.

99% of the time I prefer bracelets instead of belts, but I have to say I was really attracted to the model on the belt. Perhaps because the leather strap makes the watch softer. Hey, I put it on the steel bracelet that looks good.

Back to the game, I have never seen a crash in any game. Fortunately, there was no serious accident in the game, although Pascal Wehrlein’s conflict with Jenson Button was a notable exception. During the qualifying period, the most attractive is a minor collision (who is not sure who the driver is) and the front wheel exploded. During the game, about 12 miners picked up debris on the runway, removed the car from the crane, and pulled the car out of the game. You can see what I mean from the photo above. For many enthusiasts who have participated in many games, this may not be a big deal, but close observation of this process is quite crazy.

When I did not watch the game, I was prying around and wanted to see what watches people were wearing. This is the most common suspicion, but I especially like the Monaco V4 watch made of titanium. You remember the Monaco V4 (launched in 2009) launched in 2004. The high-end concept watch designed by Jean-Francois Ruchonnet for TAG took 14200 days to develop. When I look back at the box (hey, I didn’t let the gentleman take his watch down, but you can look at the stock image above), this box has four cylinders, reminiscent of the car engine. This watch is really cool. Considering the 6-digit price and limited edition, it is best to watch in the wild at the Monaco Grand Prix.

We stayed on the TAG Heuer Replica Watches for a while and also participated in several gatherings. During this brief moment, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Hemsworth, the brand’s latest ambassador, who played Raytheon in the Marvel movie, such as the Avengers. In the Star Trek, Cap Kirk’s father, George Kirk, was played. He chose to wear a golden dress of Carrera heur – 02t Tourbillon, but what I really want to know is that his offspring Captain Kirk on the screen will wear it. what. He thought for a long time, I just thought that this is obviously a watch connected together. I’m not sure what time it will be when we reach the Star Trek universe timeline, but Hemsworth agreed (perhaps because he wants to continue his next series of interviews). In any case, he is the most merciful, and I look forward to seeing him appreciate the watch in the future.

Now, on the second watch I wear, Monaco. You will remember that this is exactly the same as the original model debuted in 1969, but there is one notable exception, that is, although it is named after the name, the re-issued Monaco does not use the 11 caliber. Instead, there is a Sellita-movement feature that is a dubo-depraz timing module. I think that even Houjag will admit that adding the name of the most historical and well-known action (not to mention chronograph action) in the most recent memory, without the actual physical movement, the beating movement is confusing.

The history of TAG Heuer Replica Monaco often mentioned began in the 1960s when Jack William Heuer and Breitling, Dubois Depraz, and Buren ( Buren) collaborated on the introduction of the Calibre 11, which is one of the automatic timing actions if not for the first time. Both Seiko and Zenith claim that they are first, but it is fair to say that they successfully developed automatic timers within a few months. The TAG Heuer Monaco was released in 1969 for 6 years, and ended in 1975 due to the flat sales.

Whenever we mention Howell Monaco, we will discuss this issue in detail, so I will only briefly talk about it. Yes, the 1971 classic Steve McQueen movie “Le Mans about the 24 hour race in France” depicts the star wearing a 1133B Monaco dress. The rest is history. The nostalgic images of movies and McQueen often overlook the fact that Le Mans production process and box office revenue are a disaster. The documentary “Steve McQueen: the Man & Le Mans” released about two years ago not only showed the film production process, but also showed the men behind the film. The film did not have scripts and directors (the seven major escapes directed by John Sturges) to withdraw from the film in frustration that he was “too old and too rich” to deal with McQueen, to some extent, against a typical Hollywood movie, and A star at the helm of McQueen almost killed himself in a car accident when he drove his mistress’s house sounded like the secret of failure. At least that was the case at the time.

Le Mans pays more attention to the realism and racial authenticity, compares it with a documentary, and puts dialogue and stories at a secondary level. This fact shows that the script and Hollywood director are likely to be the greatness of the film. Detractors. As for infidelity, I could not defend him exactly, but in 1969 his affair saved McQueen’s life and legacy. McQueen was listed as a target for the Manson family. He was considered a decisive dinner in Los Angeles, where the Manson family murdered Sharon Tate and others. In fact, he “crashed into a Chicago man” at the last minute and fell on the dinner party. If he does not do this, history will be very different.

Therefore, both TAG Heuer Monaco and Le Mans are a little ahead of their time. They have all become misunderstood idols and represent modern classics. For me, this is the most fascinating aspect of the parallel lines between the two countries.

From 1969 to 1975, Hull released a number of Monaco models, the final version is 74033N “Black Devil” (Note: Tag Heuer: Please re-release this model). Decades later, in 1998, TAG Heuer (the company was acquired by the technology d’avant-garde in 1985) released the first reprinted Monaco reference book CS2110, which limited the sale of 5,000 watches. . Since the reintroduction of Deadly Addicts, there have been many Monacos, but the CAW211P and CAW2111 that I wore, the “Walter White” model seen in “Breaking Bad”, is the market today. There are two blue dial models inspired by “McQueen.” Calibre 12 CAW2111 has a TAG Heuer logo, and there are subtle dial differences than CAL2113. It is worth noting that the crown and chronograph are placed on the right side and worn on a leather strap.

Personally, I like the shape of Monaco’s box, and its size of 39mm x 39mm is much larger than people think, because the watch is very strong, especially when you consider its thick crystal. The size is square, but the side of the cushion makes it a little softer. I believe that Monaco is the first waterproof square watch, these modern watches can waterproof 100 meters. Of course, the dial design is as important as the cabinet design in differentiating Monaco. The red on the hand, the 5-minute increment index, the level index, the classic Tag Heuer, and the crown on the left together make up one of the most iconic and beautiful dials.

TAG Heuer’s long-term connection with motorsport is both a result of a brand and incredible luck, and the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​an incredible place to think not only this year’s biggest F1 game, to try two watches, I really like very, very different reasons. Far from being perfect, you still have to admire what parts of its past brands did not waste time (see Autavia and Monza apart from Monaco) and also successfully created huge fragments, just like nothing in the past (any new post- Biver sees, really).

There is also an experience about participating in the competition. You will notice that there is a boat. Many boats. In fact, all of Hercules Port is a yacht version of Los Angeles 101 at its peak. In other words, there are many such people who have not really acted to a great extent. Yachts, including the TAG Heuer yacht, are the home of celebrations, while smaller yachts carry people back and forth to their destinations.

Earlier, I discussed a fortunate fact: There were no serious crashes in this competition, but of course, this is not always the case. We will soon have another article, but TAG Heuer has released three special edition watches to commemorate the late F1 driver Ayrton Senna (Ayrton Senna) at the St. Melino Grand Prix in 1994 ( Unfortunately, in the San Merino Grand Prix. For a brand with such a sensitive relationship, this is a narrow route, but the history of cooperation between Elton Senna and Heyyat can be traced back to 1988, when he joined the McLaren Formula One team (McLaren Formula 1), part of the ownership of the team belongs to this watch manufacturer. Senna participated in the production of the limited edition “Heuer 6000” watch (Heuer 6000 watch) in 1994. It was still alive, and honestly stated that the label of the Senna watch was made by Heuer because it was very There is taste. You can see three new products introduced this year.

Considering 2017, this is very interesting, but outside events do not seem to have any impact on the Monaco Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the most unique events of the year. It is said that the enthusiasm and dedication of the racers, their crews and fans are obvious, and TAG Heuer is also clever in using their long-term ties with motor sports. My favorite watch is what I tried on during the event or saw it? It must have been my Monaco.

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